The Mares

The success of Blackall Park Stud is due not only to Daley K but in equal part to the wonderful group of mares that came originally from Alec McIntosh. Most of these mares were by Balmoral Boy . From these mares daughters have been retained which are now producing performing horses of even higher quality . Also more recently some well known performing mares have been introduced including several wonderful thoroughbreds.

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Alchemy Rose
Ashleigh Coppelia
Balmoral Beauty
Balmoral Belle
Balmoral Countess
Balmoral Daisy
Balmoral Duchess
Balmoral Girl
Balmoral Jess
Balmoral Lucy
Balmoral Princess
Balmoral Sunshine
Blackall Park Argentina
Blackall Park Blue Moon
Blackall Park Chablis
Blackall Park Chiquita
Blackall Park Dyma
Blackall Park Matilda
Blackall Park Margot
Blackall Park Poem
Blackall Park Rap
Blackall Park San Tropez
Blackall Park Surprise
Blackall Park Willow
Daley Obsession
Daisy's Yarn
Ellie May
Fairground Attraction
Kamikazi Kitty
Miss Maroney
Scottish Star
Silent Echo
Sixty Too
Snowy River Black Springs
Stirling Lady
Sweet Swing
VP Veronica
VP Voo Doo

Camelot ....back to list of mares
(Silver Rest/Meltonia)
Camelot was a huge 17hh+ grey mare from the trotting mare Meltonia. She was owned by Alec McIntosh and ridden by Jack Patten. She had enormous jumping ability but was inclined to break into a trot when  approaching five foot  fences. Even so she would usually jump clear.  She did not have a long jumping career but retired to stud and produced several  of the best showjumping broodmares ever in this country.
  • Kilmarnock - 1973  ( mare by Rowston Major)  B Grade jumper, ridden by Jack and Sandra Patten.
  • Balmoral Princess - 1974  (mare by Balmoral Boy) A grade  showjumper, dam of Warlord II,
  • Balmoral Countess - 1975  (mare by Balmoral Boy) Outstanding C Grade showjumper and 3 day eventer.
  • Balmoral Blue - 1977  (gelding by Balmoral Boy) 17.2hh grey showjumper, showed great ability, but had a very short career.
  • Balmoral Bravo - 1980  (colt by Balmoral Boy) retained as a colt. Bravo sired some outstanding foals as a young stallion, including the wonderful eventer Sweet Inspiration owned and ridden by Marni Hammersley from WA. He then disappeared into obscurity for twenty years before being purchased by David and Dolly Joyce and used at stud over a limited number of mares. Bravo has also been used at Blackall Park over the outstanding filly Blackall Park Matilda to produce Blackall Park Colombia (filly born 2/11/2007)

Kilmarnock  -  1973 ....back to list of mares
(Rowston Major/Camelot)
Kimarnock  was an attractive grey mare that was shown as a hack and also competed to B Grade level showjumping. Retired to stud she produced the following,
  • Best Tradition well performed eventing gelding by Balmoral Boy, owned and ridden by Marni Hammersley. Winner of 2 star Gawler 3DE in 1996
  • Balmoral Rose extremely talented B Grade showjumper by Balmoral Boy, campaigned in Australia by Susie Crane then exported to Korea
  • Balmoral Beauty   filly by Balmoral Boy injured as a three year old, retained at stud at Blackall Park, producer of eleven top quality foals to date.

Balmoral Princess - 1974    (died 2000) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Camelot)
Princess was a magnificent 17.2hh showjumper. She competed to the highest level herself, and then retired to stud at Blackall Park. All of her progeny have been by Daley K and include:
  • Blue Crystal -  1991    A grade showjumper,campaigned by Melissa Froesch. Blue Crystal was then purchased by Copabella Warmblood Stud and has produced several  foals. 
  • Sister Act - 1992   B grade showjumper owned and ridden by Melissa Froesch, since sold to Canada
  • Aquila -  1994   A grade showjumper owned by Anne and Doug Garner and ridden by  Olympian Jeff Bloomfield
  • Warlord II -  1996   Outstanding showjumper winner of five consecutive World Cup Qualifiers. World Cup Finalist Las Vegas 2007 ridden by Olympian  Gavin Chester
  • Glenara Final - 1999   Purchased initially by Melissa Froesch, later sold on to The Oaks Sporthorses for breeding.

Balmoral Countess - 1975  (died 1999) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Camelot)
Countess was an extremely talented 3DE horse and showjumper. After completing her competitive career she was retained at Blackall Park stud. 
  • Blackall Park Chablis - 1992   Filly by Daley K, a  talented eventer then bought back by Blackall Park for stud duties. Her first foal by  Caracas was sold to Kristy Bruhn.
  • Toulouse -  1993   Filly by Wotan K. Trained by Rob Clay, a successful dressage  mare with superb movement now retired to stud
  • War Wizard - 1995    Tall 17.2  gelding , outstanding dressage horse and eventer most recently campaigned by Seamus Marwood

Scottish Star - 1978  (died 1999) ....back to list of mares
(Flaneur/Vite Robin)
Scottish Star was bred by the Victorian Police force and purchased by Alec McIntosh in 1982. She was a successful show-hack, and B grade showjumper. Initially she was put to Balmoral Boy and later to Daley K .  Interestingly  her three daughters retained at Blackall Park  have produced 22 foals to date, of which 20 were colts. 

By Balmoral Boy
  • Balmoral Duchess - 1985 B grade showjumper then retired to stud at Blackall Park 
  • Balmoral Bill - 1987  B grade showjumper exported to Korea 
  • Balmoral Girl - 1988  retained at Stud at Blackall Park
  • Balmoral - 1989 successful dressage gelding in Victoria, owned by Sally Iliffe
  • Balmoral Ice - 1992 Talented dressage gelding who competed at FEI Level with Fiona McNaught
  • Balmoral Daisy - 1994  retained at Stud at Blackall Park
By Daley K
  • Blackall Park Donald - 1990  successful showjumper
  • Wallace  - 1995 outstanding dressage horse, winner of 2000 WA Young Horse of the Year 

Balmoral Beauty   ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Kilmarnock)
Beauty was not campaigned due to injury. She is a full sister to Balmoral Rose highly talented showjumper exported to Korea, and also the very good eventer Best Tradition, winner of the Gawler two star 3DE in 1996.  Balmoral Beauty is currently at stud at Blackall Park and has so far produced eight high quality foals. Students of breeding will note that she goes back to the same grand dam as the highly successful World Cup finalist Warlord II
  • Blackall Park Athos - 1998 gelding by Daley K.  An outstanding horse campaigned impressively by Kate Fleischer. Purchased by the Mouser family in 2009 and now performing well for Mikayla McPhilbin. 
  • Cincinnati Rose - 2001   filly by Daley K.  Showed  outstanding ability as a Showjumper. Owned and ridden by Kelly Lees,  Reached B Grade. Currently owned by Kane and Bonnie Lamperd.
  • Blackall Park Sonnet  -   2002  filly by Daley K  Very attractive filly sold in 2004 current whereabouts unknown.
  • Ohio Silver - 2003  gelding by Daley K. Very promising horse,  showjumping impressively with Kelly Lees. 
  • Emmaville Darius  - 2005  colt by Daley K sold to Grant Hughes. An outstanding individual. First foals born in 2009 are outstanding. Darius was exported to Japan after a short showjumping career.
  • Blackall Park Bellarina - 2007 filly by Daley k born 29/9/07. Showing great ability showjumpping with Rebecca Lawson. 
  • Blackall Park Twist - 2008 colt by Daley K born 26/10/08. High quality colt retained at Blackall Park for stud purposes.  
  • Blackall Park Mississippi - 2009 filly by Daley K born 1/10/09. To be retained at Blackall Park for breeding. 
  • Blackall Park Day Tripper - 2010 gelding by Daley K born 5/9/10. Sold to Martin and Georgina Alomes. 
  • Blackall Park Chinkapook - 2011 gelding by Daley K born 11/9/2011, sold to Tori Mitton for eventing.  Photos: (1)  (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  • Blackall Park Piaf - 2013 filly by Blackall Park Kokomo born 25/9/2013 - sold to Kristy Bruhn.

Balmoral Belle - 1988 (died 2006) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Blomfield's Gypsy)
Belle is a full sister to well known eventer Balmoral Fox. She is the dam of numerous foals notable for their temperament, ability and size.
  • Blackall Park Odessy - 1991 whereabouts unknown.
  • Blackall Park Beaujolais  - 1992 successful dressage mare in Victoria owned by Cheryl Houben.
  • Blackall Park Ghandi - 1993 (changed name) showjumping in the USA.
  • Nordic Fox - 1994    very big horse  showjumped successfully  for Nicole O'Shannessy.
  • Blackall Park Pogo - 1998 sustained an injury as a foal and was  retained at Blackall Park for showjumping. Pogo  has shown considerable ability under various riders. He has also become invaluable as a companion horse for young horses and breakers. 
  • Blackall Park Atlantis - 1999   A grade showjumper  ridden and owned by Grant Hughes. Atlantis has won many Grand Prix events and is rarely unplaced at this level. 
  • Wild Honey - 2000  a very impressive  A Grader owned by Leeson Sirret and well  ridden by Des Gleason. Wild Honey  recently  placed in her first start at World Cup level. 
  • Eye Candy - 2001 very attractive filly foal purchased by Tina Fielding. Broken in and given basic dressage and jumping training. Then produced a stunning filly foal by Stedinger, now back in work. 
  • Blackall Park Melody - 2002 purchased by Fay Felmingham for showjumping.
  • Unamed gelding  - 2003 sold to Olympian Russell Johnstone.

Balmoral Duchess - 1985 (died 2003) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Scottish Star)
Duchess reached B grade level in showjumping and then retired to  stud at Blackall Park.
  • Cool K - 2000 extremely talented showjumper ridden by Jamie Grant. Competed to World Cup Qualifier level.
  • Retiro K - 2002 purchased initially by Melissa Froesch and later sold on to Jason Anderson. 

Balmoral Girl 1988 (died 2001) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Scottish Star)
Girl has been at stud from a young age and produced 7 outstanding colt foals.
  • Blackall Park Napoleon - 1993 extremely talented showjumping horse retired due to injury
  • Emmaville Design - 1994  A grade showjumper owned and ridden by Grant Hughes, then sold to Japan.
  • Blackall Park Jamieson - 1995 talented dressage and jumping horse sold to Queensland
  • Orlando - 1996 sold as a colt to SA Police for breeding
  • Emmaville  Diplomat - 1997 A Grade showjumper owned and ridden by  Grant Hughes, then sold to Japan 
  • Emmaville Decoy - 1999 bought by Grant Hughes and later sold on to a dressage rider.
  • Blackall Park Winchester - 2000 extremely good type purchased for showjumping by Martin Alomes

Balmoral Daisy - 1994 (died 2008) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Scottish Star)
Daisy was at stud from a young age, and ranked among our best brood mares. 
  • Nero GHP -  1997 gelding,  recently started competing at World Cup level with   Olivia Hamood.
  • Blackall Park Silverton - 1999  mare, talented showjumper, owned originally by Robert Lamb, now going very well for Ally Lamb. 
  • Blackall Park New York -  2001 outstanding colt foal, sold to Nicky Kistler
  • Shrimpton Lodge  Limerick - 2002   Successful at World Cup level with  Tom McDermott. 
  • Blackall Park Kentucky - 2007 colt born 29/11/2007. Sold in April 2009 to  Martin Alomes. 

Balmoral Lucy - 1992  ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Our Apache)
Lucy was at stud from a young age and  established herself as a leading brood mare. 
  • Blackall Park Karnival - 1997 outstanding dressage mare,owned and trained by Kathy Kindler, currently ridden by very young rider with great success
  • Blackall Park Granada - 1999    was sold in 2002 to Teresa Comerford  of Pakenham. A tall extremely attractive mare, she   commenced her breeding career in 2008, and produced a filly foal in 2009 to Valhalla, Des Russell's outstanding imported Dutch warmblood stallion.  Granada is an outstanding individual  showing exceptional movement & jumping ability. 
  • Denali Blue - 2000 very promising young showjumper owned by Ann and Doug Garner. Winner of the 5yo section of Jumping with the stars at Weribee. Ridden initially by Olympian Jeff Bloomfield. Purchased in August 2009 by Tom Porter.
  • Blackall Park Poem - 2002 one of the most promising horses bred at Blackall Park. Sadly, Poem was injured as a young mare and  retired to stud. Her first foal was a filly by Mr Blue born in 2006, (Rhapsody in Blue). Her second foal, born 2008, is also a filly by Renegade Z, (Blackall Park Rap) and her  third foal born 2010, another filly  by Mr Blue (Blackall Park Blue Moon)  Poem died in 2011 from twisted bowel,  she is greatly missed. 
  • Blackall Park D'Artagnan - 2003   outstanding colt sold to eventer Chris Height. D'artagnan  gelded after covering a small number of mares.  D'artagnan although smaller than his siblings has become a highly successful eventer to three star level. He is also a talented and consistent showjumper. 
  • Blackall Park Miss Money Penny - 2005 sold to Lisa Jurkiewicz in canberra originally then later resold. Very successful and reliable showjumping mare.
  • Blackall Park Peru - 2007 filly born 19/9/2007  Broken in by Grant Hughes. Peru is currently owned by the Grant family in Melbourne and is becoming a valued team member showing the typical showjumping ability of all of her siblings. 
  • Blackall Park Jive - 2008 colt born 17/11/2008. Broken in  at Blackall Park, then purchased by Teresa Comerford. Jive has exceptional movement and has achieved impressive dressage results from his early competitions.  (photo)
  • Blackall Park Lucy from the Sky - 2010 filly by Valhalla III born 14/11/2010. This beautiful filly has been purchased by Makayla Wood and  is destined for a career in eventing.  She is a tall filly who greatly impressed us at Blackall Park when we broke her in. 
  • Blackall Park Tooleybuc - 2011 colt by Daley K born 5/12/2011.  Purchased for eventing by Lucy Gunn. 
  • Blackall Park Ravel - 2013  colt by Blackall Park Kokomo born 22/10/2013

Balmoral Jess - 1986 (died 2001) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/Unknown TB)
Jess was certainly one of our best brood mares. Each year her foal was in the top three for the year. All of her foals have exceptional temperament, they are all big, have great jumping ability and movement, and are extremely trainable. Her off-spring include:
  • Blackall Park Sox - 1991 exceptional showjumper started by Susie Cantwell, sold to Grant Hughes and then sent to Japan where he bacame a successful  World Cup competitor.
  • Blackall Park Moet - 1992 very promising dressage mare now at stud.
  • Blackall Park Dima - 1994 now at stud at Blackall Park.
  • Blackall Park Fox - 1996 promising showjumper trained and ridden by Grant Hughes then sold to USA
  • Blackall Park Willow - 1998 particularly attractive mare, showed outstanding movement, now retired to stud
  • Cavalier Boots - 1999  beautiful moving big horse, showjumped initially  with Stephen Dingwell.

Balmoral Sunshine - 1987 (died 1999) ....back to list of mares
(Balmoral Boy/unknown TB mare)
Sunshine produced foals with the most spectacular movement.
  • Blackall Park Fontaine - 1993 well known and highly successful  dressage mare in Victoria, and recently sold interstate where she is continuing to perform well. 
  • War Wind - 1998  outstanding big horse. Winner of champion showhunter at both Melbourne  Adelaide and Sydney  Royal Shows. His most recent success being the 2008 Garryowen trophy at the  2008 Royal Melbourne Show. This highly prestigious event had never before been won by a warmblood horse.  Warwind has been ridden in all his show successes by Shae Hanger who has owned him from an early age. Warwind was recently hailed as possibly the most successful show horse ever. 
Ashleigh Coppelia - 1986 (died 1996) ....back to list of mares
(Ashleigh Brigadier/Gumbungi Lass)
Coppelia produced three wonderful foals by Daley K and one by Balmoral Boy. This lovely mare has common ancestry to Ashleigh Drossel Dan.  
  • Splash II - 1991 FEI level dressage horse owned and trained by Vivian Axton
  • Tjandamurra - 1993 FEI level dressage horse trained and ridden by Rob Clay
  • Santiago - 1994  Initially  at stud with Tonimbuk Equestrian Park, then later sold on. 

Silent Echo - 1988 (died  2008) ....back to list of mares
(Triple Knight /Love Bug)
Silent Echo was a talented showjumper. She was formerly named Rosie, and was started by Poss Otton from Bega. She was purchased by Blackall Park in 1997, and  has so far  produced seven outstanding foals
  • Raymond K - 1999 Very big horse showed great promise with the Morrison family , and then sold on to Lucy Gunn who has had great success with him. 
  • Blackall Park Windsor - 2000 particularly attractive filly injured an eye and sold for stud
  • Blackall Park Boston - 2001 Finer type, tall athletic gelding. Boston is now performing well in showjumping for Queensland owners. 
  • Snowy Mountains Distinction - 2003   attractive filly sold to Tim Dreverman.
  • Blackall Park Clementine - 2004  currently owned and ridden by Josie Laver, and is showing great promise as an eventer.  
  • Blackall Park Atlas - 2005 -    athletic, attractive  gelding  sold to the Crosbie family in Canberra.
  • Blackall Park Bolivia - 2007 filly born 22/9/07, sold to Nicky Meredith Aug 09.

Cheval - 1987 (died 2008) ....back to list of mares
(At Leisure/Wickham Belle)
Cheval has produced four foals to date
  • Blackall Park Clancy - 1999 elegant fine type. A hack quality horse with outstanding temperament and trainability.
  • Blackall Park Montana - 2001 filly foal, sold in 2004 to Kim Jacobson.
  • Blackall Park Lyric - 2002 attractive filly recently changed hands to a dressage home in Sydney
  • Blackall Park Margot - 2006 retained at Blackall Park for stud purposes.

Calmere - 1978 (died 1995) ....back to list of mares
Calmere was a successful racehorse, and dam of winners before being aquired by Blackall Park 
  • Blackall Park Misty - 1991 brilliant smaller C grade mare brought to prominence by the Butcher twins in Sydney
  • Balmoral Bordeaux - 1992   by Balmoral Boy. Stong gelding injured early in his career.
  • Blackall Park Monroe - 1993 Beautiful mare owned by Andrea Sellers. Retired to stud, produced an outstanding colt by Trak, now being prepared for showjumping by Damien Kiss.
  • Blackall Park Zambesi - 1994 campaigned by Damien Kiss. A brilliant  horse, B Grade in 18 months, then sold to America.

Fairground Attraction  (died 2001) ....back to list of mares
Annie (as we called her) was a particularly attracticve TB mare. She had a successful career as a show hack before  producing five quality foals by Daley K. 
  • Blackall Park Gadaffi -  1993 gelding by Daley K,  successful B Grade  showjumper 
  • Mad Max - 1994  gelding by Daley K, successful showjumper,  sold on for eventing
  • Niobi - 1995 filly by Daley K, sold to the SA Police.
  • Blackall Park Savannah - 1996  filly by Daley K, began brilliantly as a showjumper then  sold for dressage.
  • Blackall Park Rose - 1998 lovely natured mare by Daley K, sold to Shan Snookal  for dressage
  • Blackall Park Jo-Jo - 1999 very pretty filly by Daley K,  sold to Shane Simpson for showjumping.

Alchemy Rose - 1994 (died 2008) ....back to list of mares
(Northern Aslan/Cornworthy)
Alchemy Rose had a short but spectacular jumping career. After one months training from going over her first pole on the ground, she competed for just two months before a serious ''leg in the fence" injury ended her career. In that time she amassed 11 jumping points.
  • Blackall Park Elusive -  2003 filly sold to Bridget Cross. Recently sold to a Victorian home and is performing very well for her young rider.
  • Blackall Park Roxy -  2004 filly sold to the Crosbie family in Canberra and has greatly impressed.
  • Blackall Park Surprise -  2005  Particulary talented mare, sold to the Grant family in 2013.
  • Blackall Park Texas - 2007 colt born 29/9/2007. Sold to Kane and Bonnie Lamperd. 

Stirling Lady  -  (died 2014) ....back to list of mares
(Stirling Liberty/Laguna lady)
Lady is one of three mares by Stirling Liberty to be used  at stud at Blackall Park. She is a full sister to Rebecca Crack's very good showjumping mare GEC Diamonds Are Forever. To date she has produced ten foals of the highest quality. All of her foals have great size, with excellent conformation,  movement and temperament.
  • Emmaville Detour -  2001 gelding sold to Grant Hughes
  • Galgada Park Khe San -  2003 filly sold to Brendan O'Brien
  • Blackall Park Matilda -  2004 filly retained at Blackall Park, produced filly by Balmoral Bravo in 2007, colt foal by  Renegade Z in 2008. Matilda was brought  back into work, and has recently been sold to the Parker family fron Canberra. 
  • Blackall Park Kate -  2006 Sold at Tonimbuk auction 18/4/2009 to Katie Smith.
  • Blackall Park Brazil - 2007 filly born 23/10/2007, sold to the Crosbie family from Canberra. 
  • Blackall Park Charleston - 2008 filly born 7/10/2008
  • Blackall Park Kokomo - 2009 colt by Warlord II.  born 28/12/2009
  • Blackall Park Rocky Raccoon - 2010 colt by Daley K born 1/12/2010
  • Blackall Park Woomelang - 2011 colt by Blackall Park Twist born 1/12/2011
  • Blackall Park Wilton - 2012 colt by Blackall Park Twist born 26/11/2012
  • Blackall Park Bernstein - 2013 colt by Blackall park Twist born 11/11/2013

Snowy River Black Springs - 1994 ....back to list of mares
(Stirling Liberty/Norma)
Black Springs was a talented mare campaigned by Damien Kiss. She quickly pointed up to C Grade and looked certain to go on. Sadly she suffered a hock injury which ended her career. She is related through her dam to the legendary Souvenir. Black Springs dam Norma was by Souva Sails a son of Souvenir. Also by Souva Sails is the well known Gippsland mare Snowy River Malibu.
  • Blackall Park Ebony - 2003 black filly  by Ego Gauss. Owned and ridden by Angela Cooke in Canberra, she is currently  in training for showjumping.
  • Blackall Park Einstein - 2004  gelding by Daley K. Outstanding type, sold to Canberra home.
  • Blackall Park Comet - 2005 gelding by Daley K, recently sold to the Crosbie family in Canberra.
  • Blackall Park Colorado - 2007 colt born 7/10/2007 Sold at Tonimbuk auction 18/4/09
  • Blackall Park Tango - 2008 colt born 9/10/2008
  • Blackall Park Missouri - 2009 filly born 24/10/09

Blackall Park Astra ....back to list of mares
(Stirling Liberty/ Balmoral Jill)
Astra was purchased in 2006 from Candice Gartung.  First foal by Mayfield Pzazz, arrived safely. (Pzazz story)

Blackall Park Dima - 1994 ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Balmoral Jess)
Dyma was broken in at Blackall Park and started by Susie Crane. She showed the same ability as her brothers BP Sox , BP Fox, and BP Boots  however sadly she suffered a tendon injury in the paddock while spelling and was retired to stud. To date she has produced five foals of the highest quality. 

Blackall Park Willow - 1998  (Died 2016) ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Balmoral Jess)
Willow is the fifth foal from Balmoral Jess, and showed similar ability to her highly successful siblings. She was sold as a yearling from Blackall Park, and has been leased back for breeding. She was trained for dressage by owner Kellie Walsh, and quickly established herself as one of the most promising dressage prospects in our area.  Kellie was unable to continue with Willow due to family committments, hence her availability for breeding. 

Blackall Park Chiquita - 1996   (given to Wes and Trish Joyce) ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Loose Play)
  • Blackall Park Warsaw - 2000 filly by Trak sold to Wesley and Trisha Joyce. Had a filly foal (Poland - 2004)  then commenced a showjumping career, and rapidly made a name for herself, currently B Grade.  Recently commenced her World Cup Career, winner of a part one class at Adelaide Show 2011.

Blackall Park Poem - 2002   (died 2011) ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Balmoral Lucy)
Poem showed exceptional ability and movement as an unbroken 2yo. She was broken in, and greatly impressed  with her rideability and intelligence. Sadly she suffered and injury and was retired to stud. We expect Poem to become one of our elite mares, as she carries the best of our bloodlines. Both her first foal a filly by Mr Blue (pedigree), and her second foal, also a filly by Renegade Z are certain to attract attention.
Blackall Park Matilda -  2004  (sold to Parker family) ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Stirling Lady)
Matilda is in our opinion one of our best types to date. She has superb movement, is tall, quiet, trainable and particularly attractive. She was broken in as a two and a half year old after being put in foal to Balmoral Bravo. Filly foal arrived safely. Her second foal  to Renegade Z. also arrived safely.  Matilda  resumed work under saddle and has recently been sold to the Parker family from Canberra.  She has established herself as a talented  showjumper.
Blackall Park Chablis - 1992 ....back to list of mares
(Daley K / Balmoral Countess)
Chablis  was sold to Kelly Walsh in 1995 and began a very successful career in eventing. After some notable wins and placings she was sold to Frederick Davidson who enjoyed riding her for ten years. After suffering a tendon injury she was bought back by Blackall Park for stud duties and produced a high quality filly in 2011 by Caracas.  Event riders will note that Chablis is full sister to War Wizard an outstanding horse that perormed well at 3DE level for Seamus Marwood.

Blackall Park Margot - 2006 ....back to list of mares
(Daley K/Cheval)
Margot  sustained an injury as a foal and was not broken in. She is an exceptionally quiet mare, very nice type whom we are confident will become a valuable brood mare. All of her foals so far are outstanding.    
Ellie May ....back to list of mares
(Unknown Clydesdale / TB Mare)

Ellie May is a nice type of Clydie TB cross. She is full sister to a very good showjumper that was A Grade by 7yo. She was originally purchased to be a surragate mother for embryo transfer, but was not required for that purpose so has been used at stud.
  • Blackall Park Penny Lane  - 2010 filly born 16/11/2010 (by Daley K)
  • Blackall Park Clarence - 2012 Colt born 6/11/12 (by Blackall Park Twist)
  • Blackall Park Tequila - 2014 Colt (by Blackall Park Twist)
  • Filly foal  - born Feb 2016 (by Isle of Merlin)

Sixty Too - 2004 ....back to list of mares
(Guiscard /Colesy)

Sixty Too is a very quiet TB mare. So far she has had two foals, both of which have her calm temperament and are excellent types.

Blackall Park Rap - 2008 ....back to list of mares
(Renegade Z / Blackall Park Poem)

Blackall Park Rap is an outstanding mare. She was broken in at Blackall Park, and then spelled and put in foal. After this she returned to work and commenced her dressage and showjumping  training. Her first foal a filly is outstanding. Rap was brought back into work after her foal was weaned and  showed great promise as an Eventer and Showjumper.  After some great performances with Kate Fleischer she was sold to the Doake family from Canberra and will be ridden by Tori.

Sweet Swing - 1998 ....back to list of mares
(Zegna / Lullaby Time)

Sweet Swing is a typey Thoroughbred. She is delightful to handle and has so far produced two very nice colt foals for us. 
  • Blackall Park Tutchewop - 2011 colt born 10/12/2011 (by Blackall Park Twist) Renamed Sweet Twist now owned by Kate Peel.
  • Blackall Park Mitchell - 2012 colt foal born 20/11/12 (by Blackall Park Twist)
  • Blackall Park Rum - 2014 colt foal born 1/11/2014 (by Blackall Park Revolution)
  • Colt foal -  2015 (by Blackall Park Twist) now owned by Kate Peel.

Daley Obsession - 2000 ....back to list of mares
(Daley K / Peggy Sue)

Daley Obsession  is one of our top mares. She is a superb type and has shown exceptional jumping ability. She is full sister to David Boulton's very well performed Special K now jumping at World Cup Qualifier level.

VP Voo  Doo ....back to list of mares
(Inspiration / VP Kiatta)

Voo Doo is a particularly nice type of black Warmblood mare. She was aquired from the Victoria Police stud. She was an established troop horse for some years before being retired. She has the distinction of being the last mare to have a foal by Daley K.
  • Blackall Park Dawson - 2012 colt born 12/12/2012 (by Daley K) Sold to Grant Hughes, retained as colt. - The last foal ever by Daley K.
  • Blackall Park Gershwin - 2013 colt born  22/12/2013 (by Blackall Park Kokomo) died 2015
  • Blackall Park Schnapps - 2014 colt (by Blackall Park Revolution)
  • Blackall Park Ontario - 2015 colt (by Blackall Park Twist)

Blackall Park Argentina - 2007 ....back to list of mares
(Mayfield Pzazz / Blackall Park Astra)

BP Argentina is a nice grey mare that was bred at Blackall Park. She was started in Dressage and Jumping and then put in foal. She produced a particularly high quality colt foal in 2011, and then returned to work. She has since been sold on to and event rider, and is pleasing her new owner. 

Blackall Park Surprise - 2005 ....back to list of mares
(Daley K / Alchemy Rose)

BP Surprise is one of four outstanding foals from Alchemy Rose, a highly talented showjumper. She produced one filly foal at Blackall Park and then returned to work. She was sold in 2013 to a showjumping family for young riders, and is performing well. 

BP Veronica - 2001 ....back to list of mares
(Trak / VP Perenna)

VP Veronica is a black ex police mare. She was a troop mare for some years before being retired, and was then aquired by Blackall Park. She produced a nice filly foal in 2011 and was then sold on in foal.
Miss Maroney  - 1994 ....back to list of mares
(Select Prince / Aqua Reef)

Miss Maroney is an outstanding type of TB mare. She is tall and athletic. She was a very useful mare herself, and has now bred two outstanding foals by Daley K
  • Blackall Park Bolero - 2008 colt born 31/8/2008  (by Daley K) Sold to the Williams family from Bega.
  • Acacia DK - 2009 filly  (by Daley K) Bred by Susan Aantjes and sold to Matt Tulloch. 
Kamikazi Kitty - 2002 ....back to list of mares

Kamikazi Kitty is a nice type of TB mare, with a very pleasant nature.     
Blackall Park San Tropez - 2009 ....back to list of mares

Blackall Park San Tropez is one of only two horses by her sire V'Tropez (by Galoubet) in Australia. She is a spectacular black mare with great jumping ability when free schooled. She was broken in as a two and a half year old, and went in foal as a three year old.  She will return to work after her 2013 foal is weaned and be tried for showjumping. We have high expectations for her.
Daisy's Yarn - 2002 ....back to list of mares

Daisy's Yarn is a particularly good type of TB. She is tall and strong with an excellent  pedigree for showjumping being closely related to Sir Tristram.
  • Blackall Park Chopin - 2013 colt born 14/10/2013 by Blackall Park Kokomo - Sold to Kristy Bruhn
  • Blackall Park Alberta - 2015 flly (by Blackall Park Twist)
Solbelle - 1998 ....back to list of mares

Solbelle is another very good type of TB mare introduced to our mare herd in recent years. She is a compact type with obvious strength. She also has a pleasant nature and a great constitution. Several of our best showjumpers in the past have come from mares just like her,
 eg. Blackall Park Zambezi and Blackall Park Coloe
  • Blackall Park Schumann - 2013 colt born 11/10/2013 (by Blackall Park Twist)
  • Blackall Park Bacardi  - 2014 colt foal born 22/10/2014 (by Blackall Park Twist)
  • Blackall Park Toronto - 2015 colt foal (by Blackall Park Twist)
Contaj - ???? ....back to list of mares

Lorikeet - 1993 ....back to list of mares

Blackall Park Blue Moon - 1998  sold to Emily and George Riley ....back to list of mares

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